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My Services

Rock Balancing

I work with individuals aged 16 and older. For those under sixteen, I offer parental support to increase the parent's abilities to respond effectively to their children. 

Many of my clients came from traumatic childhoods and use therapy  to process both what happened in the past as well as how they are responding to present events.

Some enter therapy due to major life transitions such as: the loss of a loved one, job, marriage, age-or-illness-related decline in mental and/or physical abilities.  

Some enter therapy as perfectly stable-but-not-quite-satisfied persons wishing to “clean out the closet” of past experiences and to optimize their emotional well-being in order to live their lives more fully and joyfully.


I offer group therapy in the areas of anxiety management, social skills and divorce support on a rolling basis. If you are interested in group therapy I can put you on a wait list and let you know when the next group is starting up.

Heart with Wings
Heart with Wings

I work with couples wishing to decrease conflict and increase problem-solving, connection, and communication in their relationship. 

We will explore how each of your pasts may contribute to areas of stuckness and how to manage the inevitable incompatibilities that arise between any two people.  

I help couples examine their attachment style and find ways to provide one another sufficient space and closeness.

This in turn heightens emotional safety and the delightful experience of being cherished.m a paragraph. 

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